East Coast Qur’an Conference 2018

East Coast Qur'an Conference

The Department of Taleemul Qur’an and Waqf-e-Ardhi (TaQWA) invites you to the East Coast Qur’an Conference for a spiritually rejuvenating weekend packed with educational, fun, and interactive programs for ALL our members. Any gathering where the name of Allah is being praised is blessed by the Almighty Allah. A gathering dedicated solely to learn from his Holy Book has countless blessings that we must all try to gather for ourselves and our loved ones. Please make special effort to attend this blessed event!

Registration for the 2018 East Coast Quran Conference is now open !



Qur’an Conference Program

The program will include the following and much more:

  • Workshops and presentations on Holy Qur’an & Science and other hot topics
  • Jeopardy contest (material will be announced for preparation)
  • Panel discussions (submit your questions along with registration, or ask during the event)
  • Lajna Program: Workshop/Panel Discussion (Hadhrat Luqman’s (as) advice to his son from Surah Luqman that draw attention to our daily behaviors and practices, as parents and children)
  • Lajna Program: Poetry Session (Poems in praise of the Holy Qur’an in various languages)
  • Children Program: Memorization and recitation competitions for different age groups